Top Accounting Firms in the US for 2024

Accounting firms provide the foundation of stability and skill in the complex web of finance and business. Accounting firms are becoming increasingly important as the economy keeps changing and companies face new and challenging situations. By 2024, several elite accounting companies in the US will be recognized for their skill, creativity, and uncompromising commitment to quality. Together, we will explore the world of finance and present you with the leading accounting firms in the United States for the year 2024.


One of the top accounting firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, or PwC, is well-established in the US market. PwC, well-known for its wide range of services, is a leader in setting standards for excellence in audit and assurance, consulting, tax, and advisory services. PwC stands out as a leader in this digitally transformative age by utilizing cutting-edge tools like data analytics and artificial intelligence to spur innovation and provide customers with unmatched value. PwC maintains its reputation as a leader in honesty and professionalism in the accounting sector by drawing outstanding talent and sticking to its strong commitment to promoting inclusivity and diversity.


In the accounting industry, Deloitte is a formidable force that is admired for its vast global network and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Deloitte has a rich history that dates back more than a century, and it has always changed to suit the dynamic demands of businesses in a constantly shifting environment. Deloitte’s multidisciplinary approach enables customers to confidently handle obstacles and exploit opportunities, spanning from risk advisory to tax consulting and beyond. Deloitte stands out for more than just providing standard accounting services; it is a forward-thinking company that uses new technology to spur innovation and influence the direction of finance.


Ernst & Young, or EY, as it is more widely known, is a powerful force in the accounting and professional services industries, with a reputation for quality and honesty. Being a dependable consultant to some of the biggest businesses in the world, EY offers clients unmatched insights and strategic direction to help them prosper in a business climate that is changing quickly. EY is at the forefront of bringing about positive change and generating long-term value for stakeholders, thanks to its unwavering focus on sustainability and corporate responsibility. EY keeps maintaining its standing as a dominant force in the accounting sector with its creative solutions and continuous dedication to quality.


A mainstay of the accounting industry, KPMG is well-known for its steadfast commitment to excellence and client-centric culture. With a global network that spans more than 150 nations, KPMG provides a full range of services, including audit, tax, and consulting, that are customized to satisfy the various needs of customers in a variety of industries. In an increasingly interconnected world, KPMG helps firms negotiate difficult issues, mitigate risks, and seize growth opportunities by utilizing cutting-edge technologies and industry expertise. As an advocate for inclusivity and diversity, KPMG promotes an innovative and collaborative culture that drives long-term success for both clients and communities.

Grant Thornton

Renowned for its client-centric philosophy and entrepreneurial drive, Grant Thornton maintains its place as one of the leading accounting firms in the United States. Grant Thornton provides individualized solutions and strategic insights to drive growth and innovation, concentrating on mid-market companies and innovative startups. Grant Thornton embraces a comprehensive approach to client service and provides value-added services that enable businesses to prosper in a cutthroat market. These services go beyond basic accounting. Grant Thornton’s culture, which is based on cooperation, adaptability, and integrity, helps it gain the trust and confidence of clients and maintain its position as a major force in the accounting sector.

H&R Block

In the accounting industry, H&R Block is a well-known brand that can be relied upon to simplify and make tax preparation easy for both individuals and small businesses. H&R Block provides a range of services, such as tax preparation, filing, and advice, with a countrywide network of tax specialists and digital technologies, all aimed at streamlining the tax process and optimizing refunds. Using a dedication to customer care and innovation, H&R Block persists in revolutionizing the tax experience, enabling its clientele to confidently and peacefully traverse the intricacies of the tax code.


BDO USA LLP is a strong competitor in the accounting field that stands out for having a client-focused philosophy and industry knowledge. BDO provides a wide range of services, including assurance, tax, advice, and consulting, all of which are customized to meet the changing needs of clients in various industries. The company has a nationwide network of specialists. BDO offers creative solutions and strategic advice to assist customers in handling difficult obstacles and accomplishing their business goals by fusing global skills with local knowledge. In the financial and accounting industries, BDO has carved out a reputation for itself as a reliable partner via its unwavering dedication to quality and enthusiasm for client success.


To sum up, the top accounting firms in the US for 2024 are the embodiment of quality, creativity, and a steadfast commitment to the success of their clients. A complex world requires companies with integrity and professionalism, and PWC, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Grant Thornton, H&R Block, BDO USA LLP, and RSM US LLP are among the companies that will shape the future of finance and promote sustainable growth in this regard. These innovative enterprises stay true to their dedication to excellence as they embrace new opportunities and navigate through unpredictable times, enabling their clients to prosper in a constantly shifting business environment.